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Doughnuts, legal knowledge, graphic design, photography and fresh vegetables!

It’s been a busy few months at Orphic! As we head back to school, we’d like to share with you some of our most recent accomplishments with clients from a wide range of industries, from legal knowledge and local entrepreneurs to graphic design and photography.

A transactional website for Didi’s beignets

We developed an ecommerce website to showcase the Didi’s beignet offer and Audrey, the entrepreneur and chef behind these products. The site includes detailed FAQs and a link to the transaction page to facilitate the online ordering process.

Beignet Montreal
Podcast Platform

A landing page for the recent CAIJ marketing campaign

We created the landing page for the CAIJ’s latest campaign, “Questions de savoir”, which features a series of vignettes from the legal world.

An online portfolio for Juliette Lespérance

Juliette is a graphic designer, as well as a former colleague, for whom we have developed a portfolio website showcasing the breadth of her work.

Web Designer Montreal
Artist portofolio

An online boutique for Fred Gervais

We added a transactional section to Fred Gervais’ website, enabling him to market posters featuring his photographs.

An online store for Les aliments Frescas

Nous avons collaboré avec Les aliments Frescas, une ferme estrienne spécialisée en légumes et micro-pousses! Nous avons réalisé le design et développé un site web ainsi qu’une boutique en ligne pour mettre en valeur leur offre de produits.

We collaborated with Les aliments Frescas, a farm in Estrie region specializing in vegetables and microgreens! We designed and developed a website and online store to showcase their product offering.

Vegetables basket ecommerce