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Orphic web agency develops tailor-made websites to help you position yourself online, communicate with your customers, organize your team or optimize your operations or production.

Website development

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Plugin-free, worry-free updates
  • Clear, transparent services
  • Secure
  • Peace of mind
  • Tried and tested approach
  • Easy modification of your site
  • After-sales support and maintenance
  • Long-term partnership with Orphic Web Agency

Web & mobile development

Orphic is the web agency you need for your next custom web project. We build web ecosystems that enhance your online experience. Our expertise is wide-ranging:

  • Payment portal
  • Training portal (SOP)
  • Connected forms
  • Mobile and multi-platform applications
  • Protected content and e-learning

Choose the web agency that lives up to your values.


Orphic Website Agency designs websites that are visually spectacular, fast, flexible and robust, and that rank higher on Google thanks to our cutting-edge technologies.

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Website development

Over the past 8 years, our web agency has developed a wide range of out-of-the-ordinary technical capabilities. Our team’s expertise stems from over 200 deployed websites and countless hours of dedication. Our approach is aimed at delivering high-performance, high-quality websites.

Research and analysis

Before starting a project, we carry out in-depth research into your industry, competitors and company. This allows us to achieve an avant-garde result that performs where you want it to.

Companies that have used our web design agency have found answers to the following questions :

  • Who is our target customer (perfect customer)?
  • How can we stand out from the competition in our sector?
  • What specific functionalities do we need to integrate to improve the user experience and our internal processes?
  • How can we measure and analyze the effectiveness of our website?
  • How can we ensure security and data protection on our site?

Web programming

Web programming is the foundation of your digital assets. Without it, all other aspects cannot reach their full potential. That’s why our web agency relies on strong technical capabilities and has the best programmers in the business.

Web design

The design of our websites is 100% customized to achieve a unique result, representative of your industry and in harmony with your brand image. Our approach is to create a bespoke theme for each of our customers, so we avoid any preconceived and popular themes that most companies use. You can be sure that the result will set you apart from your competitors.

Given that the majority of visitors browse the web from their phones, we make sure that every page is adapted and optimized for all mobile devices.

Content creation

The content of your website is one of the most important things, if not the most important. Good content will help your customers understand your products and services, your values and the reason for your business.

It’s also one of the key factors in generating SEO and appearing in search engines. That’s why we pay particular attention to content creation.

Web integration

The integration of content on your site is a crucial stage, since it’s at this point that our technical SEO experts ensure that the website complies with natural technical SEO standards. For a site to perform well, it must load quickly, be indexable and navigable by search engines. To achieve this, we use advanced tools to generate performance reports.