About us

What we do

We develop custom digital products for companies of all sizes. Our achievements are based primarily on strong technical skills in software development complemented by know-how in design, communication and marketing.

The Orphic team and its partners are full of ingenuity!


On many projects, we work in partnership with Communication Buena Onda who has extensive experience in the field of corporate and artistic communication.

This experience, combined with our technical knowledge and dynamism, gives life to projects that meet your needs and give you an edge over your competition.


Our approach



At Orphic, development is always at the forefront. Founders, managers and project managers are developers first and foremost because we believe that technical knowledge should always be the priority. The content is well presented and enhanced by the design and communication skills of our collaborators.


For both our team and our clients, we work on meaningful projects whose results create value, build strong relationships and endure over time.


Creativity is a priority in order to create more humane software that connects with us on all levels. By giving ourselves the space to create, we foster a culture of constant learning that leads to the development of unique products.

Meet our team

Olivier Côté

Co-founder and CEO

Thierry R. Le Bourdais

Co-founder and CTO

Raphaël Pion


France Bonneau

Consultant – Communication Buena Onda

Sylvie Jalbert


founders image

It was during our Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering (Thierry) and Computer Science (Olivier) that we created Orphic in order to offer digital product development services to companies that wish to work with a responsive and proactive team.