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M Éditeur commissioned us to create a visual identity, design book covers and develop a customized website. This project enabled the publishing house to highlight its new team, to have strong visuals that represent its ambitions, and to stand out on bookstore shelves.

A breath of fresh air
for M Éditeur

Éditeur has recently been taken over by a young, dynamic team, with the ambition of continuing the work the publishing house has been doing for over a decade: promoting social movements, popular and associative organizations, and the left, both here and abroad.

This publisher, which combines audacity, originality, readability and rigor, produces a wide range of works, while reissuing classics that enable a new generation to reappropriate radical theories and analyses. Its books range from essays on major social issues to introductory works on contemporary issues for the general public.

To reflect this change, and to reaffirm its place as a publisher of political works, M Éditeur commissioned us to redesign its visual identity, harmonize its book covers and create its new website.

Refresh visual identity

Image de marque précédente


Remain as close as possible to the existing identity to ensure consistency and visual recall.


Modernize the visual identity while maintaining a strong association with the existing brand image.

Image de marque nouveau logo


Explore a new visual without the constraint of ensuring a link with the existing dentity.

The audacious option was chosen by M Éditeur. We pursued the mandate by creating a brand new visual identity and a brand guide to support it.

Create a new website to reflect the image of the publisher

To support the new look, we’ve set up a new responsive website that brings together all the information you need about M Éditeur, their catalog of publications, and more.

Image de marque en tablette

Standing out on bookstore shelves

One of the challenges of this mandate was to ensure that publications bearing the new M Éditeur colors would stand out on bookstore shelves. We did research in bookstores to see what other publishing houses were doing, and what elements made books stand out on the shelves. We found that it’s the spine that’s most important in recognizing a book, so we paid particular attention to it in the design of our book covers..

We’ve delivered a design with several options for the book covers of upcoming M Éditeur publications, to ensure similarity and easy identification in bookshops.