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The CAIJ announces the addition of Biblio-Express to its range of services. With 30 years of expertise in library management, Biblio-Express deserves its own place in the CAIJ’s offering. We are therefore delighted to present the brand-new Biblio-Express microsite.

CAIJ expands its range of services

The CAIJ’s mission is to make legal knowledge accessible to its members by offering innovative solutions tailored to their needs. In keeping with this mission, the CAIJ has added Biblio-Express, a provider of specialized library management services, to its range of services. These services are used by law firms of all sizes and by corporate legal departments.

Integrate Biblio-Express seamlessly into the CAIJ digital ecosystem

Orphic already manages the CAIJ’s ecosystem of corporate websites, such as the main website and the Questions de savoir microsite. So it was only natural for our team to navigate these sites and find an intuitive way to integrate this new service.

What’s more, to fit in with the existing CAIJ website, we translated the texts and mock-ups provided to us from French to English, and adapted the website design for web and mobile.

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Maintaining the integrity of Biblio-Express within CAIJ

Since Biblio-Express has been in business for 30 years, and is well known in the community and among the partners with whom it does business, it deserved its own microsite to ensure its place in the CAIJ’s digital ecosystem. With this in mind, our team worked to bring to life a platform that would live up to Biblio-Express’s reputation.